Collapse of Walls, Columns, or Roofs

Transforming blueprints into buildings is dangerous work. And when safety regulations designed to protect workers aren’t followed, structural collapses can happen on construction sites. If you’ve been injured in a wall, column, or roof collapse on a construction site, The work injury attorneys at Fields Law Firm can answer your questions and help you pursue your claim.

As one of the largest and most respected work injury law firms in Minnesota, we handle a variety of cases – large and small. We know your situation is unique, and we’re here to listen to your situation. Talk to us about your claim anytime. Just dial 1-888-343-5375 or fill out a free contact request form.

Client Success Story

While performing general labor for a town home association, a man was tasked with climbing onto a deck to remove a bees’ nest. When he pulled onto a railing attached to the deck, the railing pulled away from the deck structure and the man fell 13 feet to the ground. He shattered his right femur.

He had to undergo surgery to repair the femur, but was still left with significant pain. He turned to Fields Law Firm for help after his employer and their workers’ compensation insurer denied responsibility for his lost wages and medical bills. Since the man had no health insurance, he was very concerned about being responsible for his growing medical bills.

Fields Law Firm filed a claim for wage loss and medical benefits. We were able to secure a settlement for the man. As part of the settlement agreement, the workers’ compensation insurer agreed to take care of all the medical bills associated with the man’s broken leg.

Construction Collapse Injury Attorneys

Construction workers like you deserve a safe work environment. But unsafe job sites can cause a variety of structural hazards, such as collapsing:

  • Columns
  • Fences
  • Floors
  • Roofs
  • Walls

Injuries from collapses like these are often serious, and they can affect your ability to work in the future. We know getting the compensation you need can be a confusing process, and we’re here to help you navigate the claims process. Even if you don’t become our client, our Minnesota Construction Accident Lawyers answer your questions and help you understand your legal options. Contact Fields Law Firm to get the legal help you need.



John Kelley
John Kelley
21:38 16 Oct 18
I was having issues with an insurance company and I hired fields law firm. The people there are amazing and always quick to answer questions even a couple times on the weekend. I worked with Blake amazing person and very informative on my case. I would highly recommend this firm to any of my friends.read more
Michael Frazier
Michael Frazier
23:58 10 Oct 18
I had the pleasure to work with Michael and Annie on my LTD case. When my claim was denied by the insurance carrier, Michael didn't hesitate to take them on with an appeal. He worked diligently on the appeal and ultimately won this for me. Mind you, this wasn't a huge case but he treated me like it was and as if I was the only case he was representing. He kept me abreast of vital information, it was clear that he knew his stuff and wasn't afraid to take on the big insurance company. Michael was much more than I ever expected given that our relationship was entirely remote, handled by telephone and email only. Not only is he a strong lawyer, he treated me with compassion and respect. I am beyond pleased with him and the Fields Law team. Michael cares about his clients and he gets the job done for them because he knows how impactful an injury can be to both a person's well-being and their financial security. I highly recommend Michael and Fields Law whether you are local to their Minnesota offices or out of state like myself.read more
Melanie Eason
Melanie Eason
20:12 29 Aug 18
Fields Law Firm is great. Patrick Kramer, my lawyer, is fantastic. He and his legal assistant Samantha K. have handled my case for several years. They have kept me informed every step of the way. They are both easy to contact. I have both of their phone numbers and email addresses and they respond promptly to any messages I leave. Without their help I would not have been able to get the disability company to fulfill their promises. It is a relief to leave all the dealings with the disability insurance company in their hands.read more
Jeannie Kerr
Jeannie Kerr
23:37 15 Sep 18
My experience with Merrick Williams of Fields Law Firm has been truly above and beyond satisfactory. His knowledge and professionalism have guided me through a very difficult time. He and his assistant Angela were readily available to answer any questions and address my concerns. I highly recommend him as an attorney and will use his services again if necessary in the future.read more
ebon jordan
ebon jordan
19:51 27 Sep 18
Field Law Firm was great my lawyer Zach Schmoll was more than I could ask for. He always kept me in the loop and explain everything perfectly, got back to me whenever I called less than 24 hrs and was a extremely nice guy. This guy is young and knows what he is doing so please don’t let the age fool you. I had a wonderful experience with Field Law and will refer anyone with legal matters to them.read more
Edward Johnson
Edward Johnson
23:11 31 Oct 18
I highly recommend Fields law Firm if you need some no nonsense attorneys to represent you. I was treated courteously and efficiently each and every time by Mike and his associates. They settled my Long Term Disability case in a timely fashion. and was pleased with the results. Thanks again Mike and Fields Law Firm. You are the best!read more
19:19 09 Nov 18
Fields Law Firm is simply the very best when it comes to representing you & fighting for your rights! They are a "10 Star" Law Firm hands down! Michael Kemmmitt & Sarah Christensen were simply outstanding to work with. They took over my long term disability case after I was being denied my benefits & gave me the moral support & law experience that I needed to win my case. They were supportive throughout my case & they will fight tooth & nail to assure your rights are not being denied. It is so rare to find a law firm that treats you like YOU are the most important person to them. I HIGHLY recommend Fields Law Firm. They are truly advocates for justice.read more
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