Amputation and Loss of Use

Workers who lose the ability to use their hands, arms, or legs due to work-related injuries may be unable to fulfill their job duties and may even lose their jobs.

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Client Success Story: Disability benefits awarded after questioning of doctor at hearing

A client suffered a work injury to her foot in 2013 and subsequently developed RSD/CRPS. She also suffered from other impairments such as back/neck pain, diabetes with neuropathy and toe amputation, arthritis, MRSA infection, depression, and PTSD. Our Social Security Disability attorneys helped her apply for benefits but Social Security denied her claim on initial application and upon reconsideration.

We requested a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge to have her case heard. At the hearing, Social Security called a Medical Expert (ME) to testify about the claimant’s disabilities and limitations. Initially, the expert testified that the claimant did not meet Social Security’s listing of impairments criteria and that she could perform a sedentary job.

However, during our turn to question the expert, we argued that the expert missed important key information in her records and further argued that his opinion was not supported by the medical evidence overall. We were successfully able to get the expert to agree with our argument and he changed his opinion. Following the expert’s testimony, the Judge immediately granted the claimant’s case and found the claimant disabled.

Having a Workers’ Compensation attorney in Minnesota, who knows your file and what questions to ask at the hearing, is imperative for your case.

Common Occupations and Injuries

Some occupations place workers at higher risk of amputation and loss of use injuries, such as:

  • Heavy Equipment Operators
    Workers in charge of operating heavy equipment may be at risk of their arms, hands, or legs getting stuck in the machinery and suffering injuries that cause permanent disability.
  • Loggers and Tree Harvesters
    People who work in the forestry industry may be exposed to sharp equipment, like chainsaws and industrial cutting devices, which can severely injure or even amputate exposed limbs.
  • Butchers and Food Processors
    Workers who slice and package food are often around high-powered cutting devices and could suffer deep cuts that paralyze limbs or sever nerves and blood vessels.

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