Burn and Electrocution Injuries

If you suffered a chemical burn, 3rd degree burns, or electrocution injury on the job, you may need expensive medical care and be unable to work. In fact, your injuries may have left you permanently disabled and in severe pain. These injuries should make you eligible for workers’ compensation and disability benefits, but the system can be confusing and complex.

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Client Success Story: Benefits Paid Despite Employer Not Carrying Worker’s Compensation Insurance

An injured worker contacted our law firm after he suffered an injury that involved being hit and dragged underneath a vehicle. His injuries included numerous bruises to his body and 3rd degree burns to his lower back.

The injured worker was able to return to work in one week, and his employer paid him for the missed time. However, his medical bills became an issue when we learned that his employer did not have workers’ compensation insurance.

Our workers’ compensation attorneys filed a claim on behalf of our client with the State of Minnesota. The Minnesota Special Compensation Fund accepted liability for the claim and our client’s medical benefits were paid.

High-Risk Occupations

Occupations that may expose workers to risk of burn or electrocution injuries include:

  • Chefs, Cooks, and Bakers
    People who work in hot kitchens around boiling water, ovens, deep fryers, and stoves may suffer severe burns if they come into contact with surfaces or ingredients at high temperatures.
  • Powerline Technicians
    Workers who install, repair, and replace powerlines are at high risk of electrical injuries, as they may be exposed to lines carrying harmful and even deadly voltages.
  • Chemical Plant Workers
    Many industrial plants contain chemicals that can cause severe burns and nerve damage if they come in contact with the workers’ skin.

No matter what type of job you performed, if you suffered a burn or electrocution injury, Fields Law is here to help. Our Minnesota attorneys and paralegals are familiar with every aspect of Minnesota work injury cases and social security disability claims, and we want to take care of your needs, now.