Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Is it a Work Injury?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful and debilitating condition that can affect anyone who performs repetitive work with their hands, fingers, and wrists. People with carpal tunnel syndrome often develop numbness and pain that require expensive medical treatment and make it difficult to perform their jobs.

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Client Success Story: Client Receives Settlement for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

A man with pain in his hands and wrists contacted our law firm after he was diagnosed with bilateral carpal tunnel caused by his work activities. Our client had previously experienced an increase in pain in his hands after doing some construction work outside of work, but the pain was not debilitating.

Following an Independent Medical Examination, the insurer claimed the carpal tunnel arose out of a personal condition, not related to work. Our clients’ doctor believed that his work environment caused his repetitive motion injury.

Our team helped the client obtain the medical evidence needed from his doctors to demonstrate that work-related repetitive tasks had caused his carpal tunnel syndrome. Our team of attorneys successfully obtained a settlement for the work injury.

Who gets carpal tunnel syndrome?

Occupations that may put workers at risk of developing carpal tunnel symptoms include:

  • Data Entry Workers
    Many office workers use computers during the day. But some workers, such as data entry specialists, are required to input large amounts of data all day, every day. This can cause strain in their wrists and may lead to carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Assembly Line Workers
    People who work on assembly lines and use fine motor skills to assemble equipment or objects are at risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome because of the repetitive motions of their hands and wrists.
  • Musicians
    Some musicians, including guitarists, pianists, and violinists, are susceptible to developing carpal tunnel syndrome, especially if they are required to practice for hours every day.

No matter how you developed carpal tunnel syndrome, the Minnesota attorneys at Fields Law know how much it can interfere with your life and job. If you have any questions about your condition and what benefits you may be eligible to receive, give us a call. There’s no appointment necessary, and your case is always confidential. Our workers compensation attorneys in Minnesota are proud to be a resource for people who were hurt at work.