Hand and Wrist Injury Lawyers

Your hands are vital to doing your work and earning a living for your family. So when you get hurt or disabled because of an work-related accident, your future may be uncertain. If you injured your hands or wrists, it may be time to contact a work injury and disability lawyer so you can understand your all of your legal options.

The legal team at Fields Law Firm has helped many people with hand and wrist injuries, and we know what you’re going through. Our workers compensation lawyers in Minnesota take pride in supporting and guiding people who suffered all types of work-related accidents, and we’re here to answer any questions you have. Give us a call today at 1-888-343-5375 or complete our free online form.

Client Testimonial

I would like to thank Fields Law for representing me on my problem fighting Workers Compensation. I’m a factory worker on the same job going on 23 years and I had hand and wrist problems. Work Comp agreed to everything up to the operation, then asked me to go to their Doctor who agreed with everything my doctor had said. But he put in his report that it wasn’t due to working at the company, so Work Comp denied my claim!

They told me I could fight my case, so I called the Minnesota Dept. of Labor who said I needed a lawyer. I did some Praying and called Fields Law Firm. I told them about my case and the concerns I had and they told me all my options and the course they thought we should take.

Between my attorney and paralegal, I felt I was in good hands. My case wasn’t the big cash cow, but both were speedy in returning my calls and answering my questions. And I have to say, I got more than I was thinking I would get!

I hope I never need Lawyer over work comp again, but if I do I have Fields Law in my cell and if anyone at my job needs a Work Comp Lawyer I will refer them to the Law Firm of Fields.

Thanks again for everything.
Sincerely, Jeff R.

Occupations Linked to Hand Injuries

Jobs that are most likely to cause serious hand injuries can include:

  • Cooks and Deli Workers
    Jobs in the service industry that require employees to use sharp knives or other cutting equipment may put them at risk of suffering deep cuts to their hands if knives or equipment slip or malfunction.
  • Construction Workers
    People in construction jobs often carry heavy building materials around worksites and use staples and nails to fasten the materials together. If workers don’t receive proper training or safety equipment, they may suffer serious hand injuries.
  • Shipping and Receiving Workers
    Employees in manufacturing or warehouse jobs that handle freight often use box cutters to open hundreds of thousands of boxes each day. If employees use an unstable box cutter, it could slip and cause deep lacerations in their hands or fingers.

How can Fields Law help?

When you suffer a wrist or hand injury, your first concern is getting better – but you also may be concerned about how your employer is going to react. At Fields Law, we can give you confidential and effective guidance for your wrist or hand injury. There’s no appointment necessary to speak with our legal staff, and we’re to answer your questions without any obligation to hire us as your workers compensation lawyers in MN.