Knee, Leg, Ankle, and Foot Injury Lawyers

Having mobility and function in your legs and feet is an important part of almost any job. That’s why suffering an on-the-job injury to your knee, leg, ankle, or foot can be devastating to your well-being and could even cost you your career. That’s where our Minnesota Work Injury and Disability Lawyers can help.

If you suffered an injury at work and don’t know where to turn for help, consider the team at Fields Law Firm. Our workers’ compensation attorneys are here to provide free and confidential advice to injured Minnesotans. Just dial 1-888-343-5375 or complete a free online form today.

Testimonial From A Satisfied Client

My Story: I first contacted Field Law Firm after dealing with a Work Comp insurer that ignored requests for an old knee injury, as well as never followed through with denial letters. I basically felt I was getting the runaround and wanted to make sure my rights were protected.

While this was happening I was injured again, this time my dominate hand. Not wanting to say something I shouldn’t, I called Fields Law and let them know. I was put on Light Duty for about 7 months with my injury getting worse. I made appointments for a specialist to check it out.

Fields Law suggested I get a QRC to attend my appointments with me and to ask questions that I didn’t even think of. After the 7 months of light duty I was informed that there was no more light duty, and was sent home. I received about 4 and a half months of Work Comp, and then the checks stopped coming.

Fields Law filed with the state and I received a check in October, with the promise to continue payments (which never came). Six months later we went to court and won everything. I received a partial check as opposing side decided to appeal the case.

As my Doctor got me as healthy as I can be, I was informed by my work that that they felt I could continue my job. I returned for approximately 3 months until they decided to settle and have me resign from the job. The settlement negotiations were handled all by Fields Law.

I felt if I ever had a question I could call and either talk to my attorney or the paralegal at any time. I did receive follow up calls checking on how I was doing when they hadn’t heard from me in a while. I was and am a person with them, not just a case or a number.

I would and am recommending Fields Law to anyone who has a Work Comp issue. I feel that if it wasn’t for them, I would have been ignored and let go with permanent injuries. I would like to thank the staff at Fields Law for all the help and seeing this through to the end. I will suggest that if you’re getting the runaround, or even if you just got hurt, contact them and protect yourself.
by James in Owatonna, Minnesota

What jobs cause knee, ankle and foot injuries?

Jobs that may put workers at higher risk of developing knee, leg, ankle, and foot injuries include:

  • Cleaning Jobs
    People in cleaning and custodial services are on their feet all day and often have to bend down to reach supplies and surfaces. Over time, this can cause wear and tear on joints and may lead to injuries.
  • Construction Jobs
    Construction workers carry heavy equipment and building supplies around the work site. Although many workers wear steel-toed boots, dropping heavy items on toes and feet can cause crushing injuries that break bones and lead to disability.
  • Sales and Service Jobs
    Jobs that require retail workers to stand still in one place for long periods of time can cause severe aches and pain in their legs, ankles, and feet. Over time, this damage can even develop into arthritis and foot deformities.

Don’t Hesitate to Get Free Advice

At Fields Law, we know that it can be intimidating to seek legal advice after an on-the-job injury. You may worry about the impact it will have on your job, career, and relationship with your employer. But our legal team makes confidentiality and privacy our top concern for all clients. Get in touch with our workers compensation lawyers in MN today, and we’ll do our best to help you understand your case and your best course of action.