Agriculture and Farming Work Related Injuries

Minnesota has thousands of acres of fertile farmland that many families call their own. And while farm work is an essential part of life in our state, it can also be dangerous due to the heavy equipment and machinery farmers often use.

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Client Success Story
A man with a long history of back problems sustained an acute low back injury while he was loading product at the farm where he worked. The client required three major back surgeries to treat the injury. His positioning during one of these surgeries caused the client to suffer a neck injury.

Our team helped the client get the support needed from his doctors to demonstrate that his work injury caused his lower back and neck conditions. One of our attorneys successfully mediated this case, obtaining the client a $140,000 settlement for the injured worker.

Types of Injuries

Some of the most common types of injuries that farm and agriculture workers may suffer while working include:

  • Crushing Injuries
    Heavy farm equipment, such as tractors and combines, may be prone to overturning on uneven or unsteady terrain, especially if not properly maintained. Workers may get trapped under the equipment and suffer crushing injuries.
  • Cutting Injuries
    Farm workers often have to use sharp blades for clearing brush, cutting down trees, and gathering crops and other produce. If safety techniques aren’t shared with workers, they may accidentally cut themselves and suffer deep wounds.
  • Fire and Burn Injuries
    Grain elevators, barns, hayfields, and other areas of farms are at high-risk of catching fire, especially during droughts. Workers who don’t have adequate equipment to put out fires or safety training to avoid them may suffer serious burn injuries.
  • Transportation Injuries
    Agricultural workers must load, transport, and deliver products and equipment to and from farms. Serious auto and trucking accidents can occur on roads and highways, causing fractured bones, cuts, traumatic brain injuries, and even death.

Our Minnesota workers’ compensation law firm understands that farm work can be hazardous, especially if safety precautions aren’t followed. Our workers’ comp attorneys and paralegals have helped many people with injuries due to farm work, and we can answer any questions you might have. Contact us today and get our experience on your side.