Service Technician and Mechanic Work Injuries

Mechanics and Service Technicians for garages, service centers and other automotive repair shops are in high demand throughout Minnesota – especially due to the effects of harsh winters on vehicles. But the countless service centers in the state can also be dangerous to workers, as the businesses are often equipped with powerful machines that can malfunction and cause injuries.

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Client Success Story

Our law firm represented an airplane mechanic who broke his right hand when he fell at work. The mechanic earned a high wage and the nature of the injury to his dominant hand made it unlikely that he would be able to return to his pre-injury occupation.

Our work injury attorneys fought to include the cost of retraining in the settlement against his employer and insurer and helped the injured mechanic obtain a settlement in the amount $115,000.

Common Service Technician and Mechanic Work Injuries

Common injuries that workers in the automotive repair business may suffer include:

  • Crushing Injuries
    Automotive workers frequently work on the undercarriages of cars that are elevated with jacks and other hydraulic equipment. If the equipment fails or the cars slide off, the workers underneath may be crushed.
  • Burn Injuries
    Vehicles produce large amounts of heat, especially when engines are revved to diagnose problems. If service technicians come into contact with parts of cars before they have cooled, the workers can suffer serious burn injuries.
  • Chemical Injuries
    Garages and other service shops work with chemicals, such as motor oil, brake fluid, antifreeze, hydraulic fluid, cutting oil, and other caustic liquids. If workers are exposed to these chemicals, they can suffer chemical burns, blindness, neurological problems, cancer, and more.

What’s your next step?

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