Types of Workers Comp Benefits

In Minnesota, most employers are required to carry workers compensation insurance. This insurance provides a variety of workers comp benefits and services to injured workers and their dependents, including payment of lost wages, vocational training, and medical expenses.

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Benefits Covered by Workers Compensation

In Minnesota, injured workers who qualify for workers compensation may be eligible to receive:

  • Lost Wages
    You may be eligible to receive a percentage of the wages you lost because of your injuries. The amount you can receive is subject to cost of living adjustments and depends on a number of factors including salary and how long an injury impairs your ability to work.
  • Medical Treatment
    Medical treatment deemed “reasonable and necessary” to treat an on-the-job injury is covered under Minnesota workers compensation. The costs of prescriptions, medical equipment, and home health care may also be covered.
  • Vocational Rehabilitation
    If you have difficulty returning to work or your employer is unable to accommodate your work restrictions, you may be eligible for vocational rehabilitation. Vocational rehabilitation benefits can include skills training and job-search services.
  • Survivor Benefits and Burial Expenses
    Spouses, children, and other dependents of workers who die because of workplace accidents or occupational illnesses may be eligible to receive dependency benefits. Workers compensation can also cover the costs of burial expenses.
  • Disability Benefits
    If a workplace injury prevents you from working or causes you to work reduced hours, you may qualify for additional disability benefits, including Long Term Disability benefits from private insurance and federal Social Security Disability benefits.
  • Mileage Reimbursement
    Parking fees and mileage accrued traveling to and from medical visits, vocational rehabilitation services, and job-search visits can be reimbursed under Minnesota workers compensation law.

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