What To Do If You Slip and Fall At Work

by Steve Fields | June 5th, 2018

Workplace injuries can take a number of forms, ranging from respiratory disorders and repetitive stress injuries to occupational illnesses and accidents. If you are injured at your job, you may have grounds to file a claim for wage benefits, medical benefits, and rehabilitation benefits. It’s important to discuss your case with the Minnesota workers compensation attorneys at Fields Law who can help you to navigate through the often-confusing legal issues.

Many injuries that occur on the job stem from slip and fall accidents. Those who are fortunate may suffer little more than a bruised ego. Others may suffer broken bones, fractures, or worse, trauma to the head. The severity of the injury will play a major role in determining when (or if) you can return to work, and your ability to perform the job you had prior to your accident. It will also influence your income, medical bills, and need for rehab.

Client Success Story

A supervisor at a manufacturing was told to move his car so a snow plow could access the parking lot. On the way back to the building, he slipped and fell on the ice and hurt his back. His pain was enough that he couldn’t work. He went home and later couldn’t get out of bed. He applied for medical benefits through his employer’s workers compensation insurance, but he was denied.

Worried about his mounting medical bills, he called Fields Law Firm for help. Our attorneys contacted all of our client’s doctors and obtained a clear medical record. The Fields Law attorneys filed a claim with the Department of Labor on behalf of our client. During preparation for a hearing, our attorneys negotiated a $100,000 settlement for our client. He obtained financial peace of mind, and was pleased with the professional advocacy Fields Law Firm provided.

One of the key things to remember about slip and fall accidents is that serious injuries are often easy to miss. Moreover, when aches and pains do arise, they are often dismissed by the injured person. Unfortunately, untreated injuries can often develop much more serious complications.

We’ll take a closer at slip and fall accidents below so you can better determine whether your injury warrants contacting a workers comp law firm. The worst thing to do is to assume outright that you don’t have a right to wage and medical benefits.

How Slip And Fall Accidents Occur

The factors that contribute to a person falling on the job are as varied as the types of injuries that can result from the incident. For example, does your office have slippery floors? If so, the risk of experiencing a nasty fall is considerable. Are the hallways in your building blocked by boxes, cleaning supplies, and other items? If you’re not paying attention, one misstep can result in serious injuries. Do you work on scaffolding? If so, make sure it is properly secured and maintained. Otherwise, you may fall, possibly from a significant height.

Slip and fall accidents can occur due to bad lighting, poorly-maintained tools, loose carpet, or a simple lack of training or preparation. They can result from a lack of attention, such as a failure to notice items in your path.

The injuries that stem from such accidents can be severe, even to the point of causing permanent disability. It’s also worth noting that the older a person is, the greater the impact of any given injury.

A broken bone will heal, though the time required for it to do so will vary. A broken finger may require little more than a day or two away from your job. A broken hip might result in being bedridden for weeks. A broken back may take months to heal, and even then would likely impose ongoing impairments, such as limited mobility. If you happen to be carrying something sharp at the time of your fall, your injuries may end up being even more severe.

Many people who are injured at their workplace assume that their eligibility to receive workers compensation requires showing that their employers were negligent. But that is not always the case. As long as you can demonstrate that you were hurt while performing your job, and you were performing it in a proper manner, you may qualify for benefits.

Having said that, you need to show that your injury resulted in lost income and/or expenses related to medical treatment or rehabilitation.

How A Slip And Fall Accident Can Affect Your Income

Some injuries will prevent you from doing your job. For example, if you normally carry heavy items at work, falling and breaking your leg will force you to abandon your position – at least while your leg heals. If you’re an accountant, a head trauma might impair your ability to perform your professional responsibilities.

Your employer may be willing to let you take as much time as you need away from your job to recover. But he or she will likely be unwilling to pay your current wage during that period. If your injury stems from a fall taken at work, you may qualify for wage benefits that help to make up for the lost income.

Suppose your injury prevents you from performing your current job, but you can perform a different job that pays less. Here, you may still qualify for partial disability benefits. A workers comp attorney can help you to determine whether that is the case, given your circumstances.

Seeking Workers Compensation After Suffering A Slip And Fall Injury

If you have suffered a slip and fall accident at work, consult your doctor. As noted earlier, some injuries can go undetected, yet cause lasting discomfort and limitations in the absence of proper treatment. Also, be sure to file a report with your employer detailing your accident and any injuries that resulted from it.

It is important to document everything regarding your accident and injury. Hold onto hospital bills, letters from your insurance provider, and any correspondence with your employer. Keep copies readily available.

If you’re unable to perform any part of your job due to your injuries, inform your employer. You might be able to contribute in some other capacity that accommodates your limitations.

Contact our Minneapolis Slip and Fall Attorneys to discuss your on-the-job accident and subsequent injuries. You may be eligible to receive wage, medical, and rehabilitation benefits, or possibly a slip and fall injury settlement. If you feel you are entitled to such benefits, but are having difficulty recovering them, our work injury lawyers can help. Contact our offices at your earliest convenience for a free consultation.