Client Testimonials

I would like to thank Fields Law for representing me on my problem fighting Workers Compensation. I’m a factory worker on the same job going on 23 years and I had hand and wrist problems. Work Comp agreed to everything up to the operation, then asked me to go to their Doctor who agreed with everything my doctor had said. But he put in his report that it wasn’t due to working at the company, so Work Comp denied my claim!

They told me I could fight my case, so I called the Minnesota Dept. of Labor who said I needed a lawyer. I did some Praying and called Fields Law Firm. I told them about my case and the concerns I had and they told me all my options and the course they thought we should take.

Between my attorney and paralegal, I felt I was in good hands. My case wasn’t the big cash cow, but both were speedy in returning my calls and answering my questions. And I have to say, I got more than I was thinking I would get!

I hope I never need Lawyer over work comp again, but if I do I have Fields Law in my cell and if anyone at my job needs a Work Comp Lawyer I will refer them to the Law Firm of Fields.

Thanks again for everything.
Sincerely, Jeff R.

I first contacted Field Law Firm after dealing with a Work Comp insurer that ignored requests for an old knee injury, as well as never followed through with denial letters. I basically felt I was getting the runaround and wanted to make sure my rights were protected.

While this was happening I was injured again, this time my dominate hand. Not wanting to say something I shouldn’t, I called Fields Law and let them know. I was put on Light Duty for about 7 months with my injury getting worse. I made appointments for a specialist to check it out.

Fields Law suggested I get a QRC to attend my appointments with me and to ask questions that I didn’t even think of. After the 7 months of light duty I was informed that there was no more light duty, and was sent home. I received about 4 and a half months of Work Comp, and then the checks stopped coming.

Fields Law filed with the state and I received a check in October, with the promise to continue payments (which never came). Six months later we went to court and won everything. I received a partial check as opposing side decided to appeal the case.

As my Doctor got me as healthy as I can be, I was informed by my work that that they felt I could continue my job. I returned for approximately 3 months until they decided to settle and have me resign from the job. The settlement negotiations were handled all by Fields Law.

I felt if I ever had a question I could call and either talk to my attorney or the paralegal at any time. I did receive follow up calls checking on how I was doing when they hadn’t heard from me in a while. I was and am a person with them, not just a case or a number.

I would and am recommending Fields Law to anyone who has a Work Comp issue. I feel that if it wasn’t for them, I would have been ignored and let go with permanent injuries. I would like to thank the staff at Fields Law for all the help and seeing this through to the end. I will suggest that if you’re getting the runaround, or even if you just got hurt, contact them and protect yourself.
— James in Owatonna, Minnesota

“I am totally convinced that everything I needed was here at this law firm and that they would stand up for me and help me. I definitely felt like I was part of their family. They took it over and above to make sure that I was covered. Thank you.”

— Clayton S., Stillwater, Minnesota

“Working with Fields Law Firm has made all the difference in my short and long term disability claims. Although I prided myself on being intelligent enough to handle my own case and I was certain that my disability was clear, I couldn’t go up against a big corporation and a large insurance company.

The attorney at Fields Law took over when I was at my wits end. She made them take my case seriously and both claims were approved for the full amount immediately after her appeal. I’m so happy that my nightmare is over and I’m receiving the benefits I’m entitled to.”

— Cherryl G., Eagan, Minnesota

“Fields Law Firm took a lot of stress off my wife and I. With the help of Fields Law Firm, we got ten times more than we were originally offered. I would highly recommend Fields Law Firm.”

— Vince N., Farmington, Minnesota

“I felt respected and I felt like they wanted to help me when I walked in the door. All the guesswork was taken out by Fields, it was so simple. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

— Vivian M., St. Paul, Minnesota

“I am so grateful for the successful appeal you were able to submit to the Long Term Disability Insurance Company. You did so with limited assistance from me and on a very short timeline. Because of you my life will be much more comfortable financially in the future.

What the insurance company did to me was so wrong and it devastated me both financially and emotionally. I cannot thank you enough for what you did to get my benefits restored from the day they wrongly stopped paying them. I would recommend you, your legal assistants and the Fields Law Firm with no hesitation.

I am so thankful I asked you and your firm to take over and help me. You changed my life forever and I will be forever grateful.”

— Carmen S., Le Centre, Minnesota

“I was very satisfied with the results I got from Fields and all the help that I was given along the way. I knew that if I needed to talk to someone at the law firm, they always returned my call. I highly recommend Fields.”

— Jolene R., Farmington, Minnesota

“Thank you so much. It’s heart warming to know there are people like you and your staff out there that truly care about others and try to help if you can.

Again, thanks & God bless.”

— Deb S., McGregor, Minnesota

“I had back surgery in April 2014. Prior to which I had been on 4 pain medications, in extreme pain and desperation. I exhausted the short term disability benefits because I was still recovering and still on nerve pain medication. This nerve pain med had serious side effects and the doctor had to taper that med gradually from my body. I was not ready to go back to work because mentally the drug had countless effects on me.

When I applied for long term disability benefits the insurance company used an uninformed lazy doctor to go through my medical records for a lengthy 6 weeks to reject my application. I was devastated and swore revenge. I googled Fields Law and luckily they came to my rescue. Their lawyer was really good, kind, reassuring to me. She worked with my primary physician and won the appeal for me. Thanks to Fields Law I got my long term disability check from the greedy insurance company. Thank you Fields Law.”

— H.T., Minneapolis, Minnesota

“If the doctor tells you, ‘we can’t help you anymore – you’re now on your own,’ you got to go get Fields. Thanks to Fields Law Firm I got the compensation that I needed.”

— Andrew W., New Brighton, Minnesota

“Thank you so much for all your help. You far exceeded my expectations in this matter.”

— Lisa J., East Bethel, Minnesota

“I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for all your hard work that you have put into my case. Your compassion for the law and your clients is why you are a successful attorney. And your genuine concern for me, the injured worker, makes this struggle with work comp a little easier to understand and to get through this legal nightmare!

I now know that I did make the right decision in hiring Fields Law Firm, because I found you!

Also, please thank Kim Barnes and the staff for all their hard work and patience with me. I so enjoy my conversations with them and they always make the time to take my calls and answer my questions and give me encouragement when I need it!

I know we have a tough road ahead, but I also know I have the best attorney on the case!”

— Jason W., Farmington, Minnesota

“After I mentioned to you about all the improvements we have made to our home, you commented to me that you are doing everything you can, I again wanted to let you know I am very satisfied with all your efforts. I believe in you and the job you are doing! In other words: I trust you. And gaining my trust is something I do not allow easily!”

— Dave B., Tower, Minnesota

“How can I ever thank you for all the help you each gave me to get the disability I so much needed? My eyes are tearing up right now with the blessing of all of you coming into my life when I feel at the end of my rope.

Thank you, wonderful, wonderful angels for all you did in getting the information, especially the doctors’ letters and the many calls and emails you sent me to keep me posted on this journey. Thank you so much for helping me in presenting my case to the judge. I could never have done it without you or ask for a better lawyer!

If anyone ever needs advice on where to go for disability, I am going to say Fields Law Office!”

— Maria M., St. Paul, Minnesota

“I cannot thank you enough for all the hard work you put into me and my case, but I do appreciate it and always will! I will always refer you and Fields Law Firm to everyone who needs legal help with these types of issues.

Attorneys have a tough job dealing with legal issues, clients’ rights, clients and their pain and their emotions as well, but you have risen above ‘good’ to ‘excellent’ in my eyes. You have such a love for the law and your work, and you are such a compassionate person that these qualities make you, and always will be one of Minneapolis’ best work comp attorneys. Again, thank you. You have given me my pride, self-esteem, and determination for life back!”

— Cindy M., Faribault, Minnesota