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At Fields Law, our Minnesota Workers Compensation and Disability attorneys remove the stress of dealing with insurance companies, paperwork and the legal system so our clients can focus on their injury or disability.

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A client came to us at his wits end after suffering several on-the-job injuries, including serious injuries to his back requiring multiple surgeries. The man was distraught because he knew he would not be able to work any longer.

Between Social Security Disability, Workers’ Compensation, and Long Term Disability, the man did not know what to do. He turned to Fields Law Firm for advice. We understand the coordination of these benefits because, unlike other firms, we handle each of these claims from start to finish.

Our attorneys strategized with our client on how to maximize his entitlement to each type of benefit and put together a plan, which included consideration for when to file for each of type of benefit and how to ensure that one benefit would not impact his entitlement to others.

In the end, we negotiated a lump sum settlement offer from the insurance companies for his Workers’ Compensation benefits and Long Term Disability benefits. On top of that, we secured Social Security Disability benefits, which our client continues to receive on a monthly basis.