Maids and Housekeeping Staff Work Injuries

Maids and housekeepers play vital roles in homes, businesses, hotels, and other establishments throughout Minnesota. Unfortunately, this occupation has the potential to cause accidental and stress-related injuries, especially after years of service.

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Occupational Injuries for Maids and Housekeepers

Maids and housekeepers are at risk for injuries, such as:

  • Slip and Fall Injuries
    Wet, cluttered, or unsteady surfaces in bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, and other rooms can cause workers to slip and fall. These accidents can cause serious and disabling injuries, like broken legs, hips, and more.
  • Back, Neck, and Joint Injuries
    Housekeeping work requires long periods of working while standing up, bending over, crouching, and other stressful positions. Over time, this can cause wear and tear on joints and other body parts, and can lead to disability and arthritis.
  • Hand and Wrist Injuries
    Maids and housekeepers often perform the same tasks, like tucking bed sheets and replacing pillow cases, over and over throughout the work day. These repetitive motions can eventually lead to pain and injury in the wrists and hands, such as carpal tunnel syndrome or other repetitive stress injuries.

We’re Here to Help

After an on-the-job injury, you may feel helpless because you’re afraid of losing your job if you report your injury or unsafe work conditions. At our workers’ compensation law firm, we keep all communication confidential as part of our dedication to improving the lives of all injured workers in Minnesota. Don’t be afraid to get the help and advice you need – call today.