Undocumented Workers and Workers Compensation Benefits

Undocumented workers fill a wide variety of positions in construction, housekeeping, lawn care, and manufacturing industries in Minnesota. But when these workers get hurt on the job, they may feel like they have nowhere to turn for legal help or advice.

Undocumented workers have rights, and at Fields Law Firm, our Minnesota Workers Comp Attorneys believe in protecting the rights of all workers in the state. We have a broad knowledge of the law, and if you suffered an on-the-job injury, you can count us to help you understand your situation and make the right decisions for your future. Contact us at 1-888-343-5375, or complete our free form to get help.

Common Injuries Suffered by Undocumented Workers

Because undocumented workers may fill several different types of roles, the injuries they suffer may vary greatly. Some of the most common injuries that affect this group of workers include:

  • Back Injuries
    Undocumented workers often work at construction sites and may be required to lift and haul heavy building supplies and equipment. If the equipment is too heavy, or if the workers don’t receive proper training, they can suffer back injuries.
  • Repetitive Stress Injuries
    Housekeeping and landscaping jobs often require workers to perform the same repetitive motions over and over every day. Over time, this can lead to stress and damage in their joints, which can cause pain and disability.
  • Crushing Injuries
    Mowers, combines, and other large farm equipment can overturn if used on unsteady terrain or not maintained on a regular basis. Workers operating the equipment can become crushed underneath and suffer life-threatening injuries.

If you or someone you love is an undocumented worker and got hurt at work, you may be hesitant to speak up – especially if you’re afraid of losing your job if your employer finds out. At our workers comp law firm, we keep all communication confidential, so you can get the information and advice you need without worrying. Give us a call today.