How can a QRC help if I’m on Work Restrictions?

by Steve Fields | May 25th, 2015

If you have work restrictions due to a workers compensation injury, you may be entitled to receive Vocational Rehabilitation services from a qualified rehabilitation consultant (QRC). A QRC may be assigned at your request (as a qualified employee) or at the request of an employer or the Commissioner.

During the initial rehabilitation consultation, the QRC assigned to your claim will meet with you to determine whether you are eligible to receive rehabilitation services. A “qualified employee” is an employee who, due to the work injury, is unable to perform the duties of their date-of-injury job, will not reasonably be able to return to work with their date-of-injury employer, and can reasonably be expected to secure suitable gainful employment following rehabilitation services.

If you are a qualified employee, a QRC will work with you to develop an individualized rehabilitation plan which may include services such as vocational evaluation, job modification, and retraining.

Your Right To Choose A QRC

Under Minnesota Rules, you have the right to choose your QRC and may change your assigned QRC once during the course of receiving QRC services. This change in QRC may occur at any time prior to the rehabilitation consultation or within sixty days prior to the filing of a QRC rehabilitation plan.

Rehabilitation services are available to you for up to 20 hours per week, for a maximum period of 26 weeks. The 26-weeks may occur consecutively or intermittently. After 13 weeks of rehabilitation services, the QRC must consult with you and your employer/insurer to reach an agreement for continued rehabilitation services for the remainder of the 26-week period.

Rehabilitation services provided by a QRC are intended to provide you with necessary vocational and job rehabilitation services so that you may either obtain employment related to the job you held at the time of injury or secure a job in another field which would place you as close as possible to the economic status you maintained prior to your work injury.

QRC’s Monitor Progress, Provide Assistance and Facilitate Communication

During the course of rehabilitation services, the QRC will periodically provide progress reports to you, your employer/insurer, and attorneys (if either party is represented by counsel). These progress reports may contain the types of rehabilitation services you have undergone, your rehabilitation progress, and case notes. QRC’s will often accompany you to appointments with their treating physician(s) and will also include updated information regarding your medical prognosis and treatment in their progress reports such as any Work Restrictions you may be placed on.

Additionally, QRC’s may also assist you in vocational services such as on-the-job training with your current employer, retraining for a new job, or active job searches. In doing so, you may also receive the services of a job placement specialist who works with the QRC to assist you with resume development, coordination of interviews, and interview preparation.

QRC’s can provide invaluable assistance in returning you to the workforce. In doing so, they may perform evaluations and analysis designed to identify, measure and enhance your transferable job skills, vocational interests, and job capabilities. They seek to develop an individualized rehabilitation plan for you; facilitate communication between those involved in your workers’ compensation claim, including the employer, insurer, treating physician(s), and your Minnesota Workers Compensation Attorney; and successfully return you to gainful employment.

If you have been placed on work restrictions after getting hurt on the job, our workers compensation lawyers can help. We are here to answers your questions and help you get the work comp benefits you need. Call us today at 1-888-343-5375 for a free case review.

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