Can I get fired for filing a Workers’ Compensation claim?

If you’ve been hurt at work, don’t let the fear of losing your job stand in the way of getting the benefits you need. Employer retaliation for filing a Workers’ Compensation claim is illegal in Minnesota, whether you’re feeling pressured to quit or you’ve been threatened you’ll be fired.

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What is covered under Workers’ Compensation benefits?

Workers’ Compensation benefits are limited to medical benefits, wage loss benefits, and rehabilitation benefits. Under the retaliation statute, an employee can receive punitive damages and damages for pain and suffering. Injured workers cannot collect punitive or pain and suffering damages under the Workers’ Compensation system.

There is also a difference in the taxability of Workers’ Compensation benefits and damages received by an individual in a retaliation claim. While Workers’ Compensation benefits are not taxable, damages received in a retaliation claim are taxable.

What if my employer threatens to fire me for filing a Workers’ Compensation claim but doesn’t actually fire me?

The language in the statute explicitly states that an employer cannot “threaten” to discharge an employee for seeking benefits.

The Minnesota Supreme Court recently upheld a case where a supervisor warned an employee not to file a Workers’ Compensation claim because it could jeopardize his employment. Schmitz v. U.S. Steel, No. A12-709 (Minn. Aug. 27, 2014).

Minnesota Supreme Court: Workers’ Compensation Retaliation Claims Can Result in Jury Trial, But Employers Have No Defense Based on Complaint Resolution Procedure

The employee was never actually fired, and no other adverse action was taken against him, but the court still awarded the employee damages.

What should I do if I was fired or harassed after getting hurt at work?

There are a few things you should consider when you suspect retaliation for seeking Workers’ Compensation benefits:

  • What reason did your employer give for the termination?
  • How close in time was the threat of termination to the work injury or the report of the work injury?
  • Are there any written documents regarding the termination? If so, save them.
  • Did any co-workers, supervisors, or other people in management roles make any comments whatsoever about your work injury? When and are there witnesses?
  • Prior to being terminated, were there any discipline or reprimand issues?
  • Is there an employment file that documents a history of good performance reviews or other positive information about you?

Wrongful termination claims are handled separate from an employee’s Workers’ Compensation claim. Not all Workers’ Compensation attorneys are able to help an injured worker pursue a claim under the retaliation statute. Do not give up on a claim under the retaliation statute just because a Workers’ Compensation attorney tells you they do not handle those types of cases.

Client Success Story

An operations manager at a large hotel chain broke a bone in her left foot when she slipped on a wet floor. She reported her injury to her supervisor and continued to work. She developed severe pain in her foot and ankle and sought medical care about a week and a half after the incident. She returned to work and attempted to avoid duties that aggravated her pain, but, as a manager, she felt pressure to work beyond her restrictions to complete her work. Some weeks she worked more than 50 hours.

After a few months of working in pain, her employer fired her. She turned to Fields Law Firm for help. She was scared she would no longer be able to get the treatment she needed for her foot. Fields Law Firm helped her to bring a claim for wage loss benefits and for medical benefits related to her foot. We took the time to explain how her termination from her employment affected, but did not preclude, her entitlement to Workers’ Compensation benefits.

With our help, our client was able to get the treatment she needed and the wage loss benefits she deserved.

If you were fired, threatened or harassed after being injured at work, call Fields Law Firm. We would be happy to review your case and explain what you can do to protect your rights.

Protecting You From Wrongful Termination

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