Excavation Site Trench Cave-Ins

Excavation site trench cave-ins are a major cause of construction site work injuries, and they can even result in serious injury, disability, or even death. If you’ve been injured by a collapse or cave-in on a job site, you may have legal rights to compensation. And at Fields Law Firm, you can count on our work injury lawyers to help protect your best interests and help get you the benefits you need to cover your lost wages and medical bills.

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Client Success Story

A groundman for Xcel Energy was injured on the job when he fell into a trench at a construction site. The trench was approximately 100 feet by 50 feet, and 12-14 feet deep. There were trench boxes inside the hole, with steel plates covering the gap between the ground and the trench boxes. One of the steel plates came loose and fell with the groundman on top of it. He caught himself on a beam with his upper body, but he suffered injuries to his neck, shoulders and back as a result.

The insurance company initially paid the medical bills from the work injury, but they would not pay the ongoing wage loss. Additionally, the injured worker was laid off the same day he provided the employer with a release of work restrictions.

The work injury lawyers at Fields Law Firm filed a claim petition on the injured worker’s behalf and helped successfully guide his claim through the litigation process. The injured groundman was able to obtain a positive resolution through settlement as well as get all of his outstanding medical bills resolved by the insurance company.

Causes of Trench Cave-Ins

Trench cave-ins can happen for a number of reasons, including:

  • Failure to shore, brace, or slope walls and faces of excavation sites.
  • Failure to plan for vibrations, such as those from highways or railroads, that can cause cave-ins on a job site.
  • Failure to correctly classify the types of soil being excavated.

Our construction accident lawyers understand the risks that excavation workers like you face every day, and we’re here to listen to your situation if you’ve been injured in a trench cave-in.

Helping Injured Workers

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