Falling Objects

Construction work involves scaling scaffolding, climbing on roofs, and maintaining or renovating existing structures. And every day, workers face the danger of falling objects on their job sites. If you’ve been injured by a falling object on a construction site, you may have rights to Workers’ Compensation. At Fields Law Firm, our Workers’ Compensation attorneys protect those rights.

As Minnesota’s resource for injured construction workers, we can answer any questions you have about your construction accident injury claim. No matter where you are in the process, we’ll take the time to listen to your situation and help you get the Workers’ Compensation benefits you’re owed.

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Client Success Story

A man who worked for a large contractor contacted Fields Law Firm for help after he suffered a crush injury to his right hand while performing maintenance on a skid loader. The counterweight on the skid loader was loose, which caused the skid loader to fall and crush our client’s hand. He suffered a serious cut, which doctors stitched up the same day. However, he continued to have significant pain in his hand that interfered with his ability to perform his job. Eventually his employer laid him off.

Later, doctors discovered he had adhesions on the tendons in his hand and recommended surgery. Fields Law Firm helped the man bring a claim for wage loss benefits and the recommended surgery. The Workers’ Compensation insurer eventually agreed to pay for the surgery. Our Workers’ Compensation attorneys were able to secure a settlement for our client, which included past and future wage loss benefits. As part of the settlement, the Workers’ Compensation insurer remains responsible for our client’s future medical treatment related to his right hand.

Falling Object Claims We Handle

Our Minnesota construction accident lawyers can handle claims related to a variety of falling objects, such as:

If you’ve been injured by a falling object on a job site, we can help you understand your legal options without any pressure to become a client. You don’t have to let your questions go unanswered – we’re here to help you get your benefits. Fields Law is the injury and disability law firm people turn to after getting hurt at work.