Highway Construction Accidents

Any construction job site has potential safety risks, but highway construction workers also face threats posed by moving traffic. If you’ve been injured in a highway construction accident, you have legal rights. The Minnesota Workers’ Compensation lawyers at Fields Law Firm can help you get the medical treatment and financial support you need while you get better.

You perform dangerous work every day, and now you’re injured. But you’re not alone. Fields Law is Minnesota’s resource for injured workers, and we’re here to help you get your Workers’ Compensation benefits. We can answer your questions about your claim anytime.

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Client Success Story

A woman sustained on-the-job injuries while working as a truck driver and doing highway construction on Highway 169 in St. Peter, Minnesota. The woman suffered low back and neck injuries when she was sitting in her truck and a heavy boulder was dropped into her truck bed. After the injury, she received chiropractic care, physical therapy, and medication management for her back and neck.

While her employer and the insurer acknowledged liability for the low back injury, they denied that the neck injury occurred at work. Our law firm worked with the woman’s doctors to obtain additional medical evidence that showed bulging and degeneration in the woman’s cervical spine consistent with the work injury. Our team demonstrated that her neck impairment and the medical treatment for it were causally related to the work injury and obtained a settlement for our client.

Types of Highway Construction Accidents

We have the experience and knowledge to handle claims related to highway construction accidents caused by:

  • Careless, drunk, or distracted drivers
  • Inadequate signage
  • Failure to observe safety precautions
  • Inclement weather
  • Construction vehicle collisions
  • Inadequate supervision

Without an experienced construction worker accident attorney on your side, it may be difficult to get the full value for your claim. Our construction accident lawyers can help you take the steps necessary to get benefits, so you can concentrate on getting better and getting back to work.

Guidance You Can Trust

We know it’s hard to find accurate information, and we understand you may be confused or frustrated after trying to find answers to your questions. If you’ve been injured in a highway construction accident, you can count on Fields Law to provide the advice you need. Our injury and disability law firm has a team of Workers’ Compensation attorneys dedicated to helping injured workers, and we’re here to help you get your benefits.