Lifting Injury Lawyers

If you suffered a work-related injury because you were required to lift objects that were too heavy, it’s important to know you have rights. If your lifting injury is a result of lifting objects every day for years, our Repetitive Lifting Injury Attorneys can help you establish the doctors support needed for your Workers’ Compensation claim.

At Fields Law Firm, our Workers’ Compensation lawyers in Minnesota focus on helping injured workers get the care and information they need to get better. Our team of experienced professionals have given advice and guidance to countless people who were hurt at work, and we want to help you, too.

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Client Success Story

The Fields Law team represented a man who sustained multiple back injuries over the course of several years. These injuries rendered him totally and permanently disabled from working.

His employer and its insurer argued that they were not liable because the man had done something at home to aggravate his back injury. Our attorneys worked with doctors to prove that the injuries he suffered at work were a substantial contributing factor in his permanent and total disability and obtain the client a $115,000 settlement from his employer and the insurance company.

What jobs cause lifting injuries?

Fields Law knows that almost any job involving lifting can cause injuries, but some workers are more likely to be injured than others, including:

  • Warehouse Workers
    People who are in charge of moving boxes and equipment around warehouses often have to lift heavy items. If the items are too heavy or improper lifting techniques are used, injuries can occur.
  • Construction Workers
    Construction workers may be responsible for picking up heavy beams, building equipment, bags of concrete, and more at their work-sites. These heavy lifts can take their toll on workers’ backs and may even lead to injury.
  • Delivery Drivers
    Delivery drivers often have to load and unload heavy products and carry them into stores and homes without assistance. Many of the items are too heavy for one person to safely carry, which can cause lifting injuries in the back, neck, and legs.

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