Machinery-Related Injuries at Work

Heavy equipment and machines are important parts of the modern workforce that many workers interact with daily. Unfortunately, machines are often dangerous to use if they aren’t maintained or if workers aren’t properly trained before operation.

Many industrial machines use large amounts of force, and that means serious and even life-threatening machinery-related injuries can occur if there is a workplace accident. Our Workers’ Compensation lawyers in Minnesota know that workers like you who were hurt by machines may be confused about your next steps. If you need guidance, Fields Law Firm can give you the advice you need to be confident about your recovery and claim.

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Client Success Story

A woman working as a machine operator at a manufacturing plant suffered an injury to her right hand when she fell into a machine at work. As a result of this injury, she developed Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). Her pain eventually spread to other parts of her body, as is common in people suffering from this condition.

Her employer and the Workers’ Compensation insurer denied that the pain in was related to the hand injury she developed at work. Our workplace accident attorneys obtained a court order requiring her employer to pay for the medical treatment she needed to treat her injury. In addition, we helped the woman secure a $200,000 settlement against her employer and its Workers’ Compensation insurer.

High-Risk Machinery Jobs

Occupations that often cause workers to suffer machine-related injuries include:

  • Farm Jobs
    Farm workers use heavy equipment and machines, like tractors, combines, and grain augers. These machines can cause devastating injuries if they aren’t maintained or if safety procedures aren’t followed during use.
  • Assembly Line Jobs
    Assembly lines move at high rates of speed and are powered by high-RPM motors. Workers can suffer serious workplace accidents if parts of their bodies or clothing get caught in assembly line machines because of inadequate safety measures.
  • Mechanic and Car Repair Jobs
    People who work in garages and car maintenance centers often use high-powered jacks and other equipment to work on vehicles. But if the equipment malfunctions, it can fall and crush workers underneath.

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We know that it can be difficult to decide your best course of action after your machinery-related injury, especially when it happened at work. The attorneys at Fields Law want you to know that when you call us, we will treat your situation with privacy and respect. We’ll also give you advice and guidance that can put your mind at ease. Give us a call today, and see how our Workers’ Compensation lawyers in MN can help.