Minnesota Slip and Fall Lawyers

Although slips and falls are not always serious, they can sometimes lead to persistent injuries that cause pain and disability. Many people slip and fall during their daily lives, but some workers are subject to conditions that make slip and fall injuries both more common and more severe.

The Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation lawyers at Fields Law Firm have helped other victims of slip and fall injuries, and we know the consequences of your injury can be life-changing for you and your family. When you contact us, we’ll put our experience to work when we give you confidential and trusted advice on your pathway to recovery.

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Client Success Story

The attorneys at Fields Law represented a man who worked as school janitor. The man slipped and fell on ice while working, tearing his right shoulder rotator cuff. Due to his injury, the man was not able to return to his job as a janitor.

His employer initially compensated him for his injury, but eventually stopped paying benefits based on a doctor’s opinion that his shoulder problem was pre-existing and that his work injury was only temporary in nature.

Our team worked with the client’s treating doctors to refute the employer’s position. We helped him obtain a settlement of $150,000 from his employer, which included compensation for medical expenses, and the lost wages and permanent disability he incurred as the result of his work injury.

Occupations That Cause Slip and Fall Injuries

While almost any occupation can lead to slip and fall injuries, some jobs are more likely to cause those injuries than others. These occupations include:

  • Maids and Housekeepers
    Workers who clean homes and hotels can often find themselves in an unexpected wet environment, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and hallways, and have a higher risk of slipping and falling due to lack of traction on the floors and slippery surfaces.
  • Roofers and Construction Workers
    Roofers and construction workers often must walk and transport heavy materials on high, unsteady, and uneven surfaces. These conditions can lead to severe slip and fall injuries if walking surfaces or workers aren’t properly secured.
  • House Painters
    Whether they’re painting an indoor room or the outside of a building or house, painters often use ladders to reach their workspaces. If companies provide their painters with faulty equipment or ladders, they can fall and suffer serious injuries.

What should you do next?

After you suffered a slip and fall injury, you should talk to a Personal Injury lawyer or Workers’ Compensation lawyer about your next steps. At Fields Law, we’ve dedicated ourselves to helping people who are injured or disabled. When you contact us, you’ll get trusted advice from our legal team that has helped countless other victims like you.