Work-Related Falling Injuries

Whether your job requires you to work on a small ladder or high on a utility pole, injuries from falling can cause you to suffer serious and often permanent pain and disability that can put you out of work for a long period of time.

After you’ve been injured in a fall at work, you may be unsure of your next steps. Our Workers’ Compensation lawyers in Minnesota know that this can be a confusing time for you and your family – especially if you’re too hurt to go back to work. We can provide you with answers to questions you may have about your injury from falling.

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Client Success Story

truck driver fell out of a truck while working for his employer, sustaining a severe lower back injury. The employer and its insurer initially paid for wage loss and medical benefits related to his injury.

Then the insurer sent him to a doctor for an independent medical examination. The doctor issued a report stating that the workers’ injury from falling was a temporary aggravation of a pre-existing back condition that had resolved. Based on this report, the employer discontinued payment of the driver’s wage loss and medical benefits.

We fought the employer to obtain a court order which denied the insurer’s attempt to discontinue benefits. In the end, our attorneys and staff worked with the driver’s doctors to obtain a settlement in the amount $100,000 for his work injury.

Workers Most at Risk of Falling

Although almost any worker can suffer a falling injury on the job, some are more susceptible than others, including:

  • Roofers
    People who work on roofs are at high risk of falling – especially if the roofs are at extreme angles or in unsafe conditions.
  • Construction Workers
    Construction workers often transport and work with building materials high off the ground while standing on narrow or unsteady ledges. These conditions make them more susceptible to falls.
  • Utility Line Workers
    Telephone, electrical, and cable technicians often work on power lines that are high above the street. If their equipment fails, they could fall and suffer serious injuries.

Even though you’re hurting and may be disabled after an injury from falling, you may be worried about what your employer will do if you speak to attorney. At Fields Law, we understand your concerns, and we’ll keep your case and information confidential. Get the answers and information you need without the worry. Contact our Workers’ Compensation lawyers in MN today.