Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

We’ve found the process you (most likely) recently completed leads to a very high probability your mortgage company created errors on your credit report. Here’s why:

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Why This Happens

When you filed, your credit was updated to show you were in a bankruptcy (hence the drastic credit score descrease). Now that you are done, this must be updated, all of it, and by all the credit bureaus. You earned this. We want to ensure you receive it.

How We Win Money

By law, you are entitled to a fair and accurate credit report (and score). Any errors that are not corrected could lead directly to compensation per the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Too Good To Be True?

We have hundreds of clients, all over the country, who have been through what you have. We are working to get them what they deserve - a fair and accurate credit report, and hopefully compensation for the trouble they went through. The only (current) difference between you and them is they’ve already called us.

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