Client Testimonials

“Fields law firm was one of many firms I checked out when searching for a workers comp firm. I had a nasty injury at work that broke my mid back and totally messed up my right shoulder and dislocated my right hip. After several surgeries and countless therapies I returned to work only to be in a work related traffic accident in which I received a concussion and a fractured neck. After my 1st injury my company decided to switch workers comp insurance so now I’m dealing with 2 insurance companies. Needless to say both did not want to take blame for each other’s claims and tried to pass off a lot of my post-accident problems on issues I may have had prior to them because I saw a chiropractor years before my accidents. What made me choose Fields for a law firm was their eagerness to listen to my side and get all the details and timelines needed to get a suitable settlement in a timely manner. This meant battling both comp insurance companies and a rather tough judge. They also helped with getting me the needed care and follow up care in the future. I know of others that have had far worse outcomes when dealing with the workers comp laws and insurance companies. Fields Law Firm is top on my list of the ones to call. They’ve been courteous, sympathetic and understanding and would highly recommend them.”

— Best regards. David V., Elk River, MN

“I first came to Field’s Law Firm for my spinal work comp injury after a year or so of dealing with work comp myself. This turned out to be the best decision I could’ve made. Fields took my case and really dove in to everything I had dealt with already, ensuring that the adjuster had followed my rights exactly how they should’ve. I no longer had to deal with the company myself and Fields always kept me in the loop so I never felt unaware of my situation. They were great about allowing me to make my own decisions and ensuring I had all of the information so I was never taken by surprise. I would recommend this firm to anyone having issues with work comp simply because of the honesty and integrity they carry with their staff from the paralegals to the attorneys themselves. A consultation can never hurt as they receive no money unless you do.”

— Justin S., Sturgeon Lake, MN

“I came to fields law firm because I had a work injury and wasn’t getting any help from my employer and was being harassed. By hiring Fields Law Firm I felt more secure about the decisions I was making. They were really on the ball getting things explained to me and getting things done, which was exactly what I needed – peace of mind. I would definitely recommend hiring Fields Law Firm. Before I hired them, I didn’t feel I was in the right decision state of mind and they looked out for me.”

— Alicia R., Howard Lake, MN

“I am totally convinced that everything I needed was here at this law firm and that they would stand up for me and help me. I definitely felt like I was part of their family. They took it over and above to make sure that I was covered. Thank you.”

— Clayton S., Stillwater, Minnesota

“They were denying any kind of help and were trying to force me into work while I was on medication. They didn’t care that I was on narcotics, they just wanted me to work. They were giving me no other option.

When I hired Fields I never had to worry about the issues or stress. She knew everything and when she took over it was like all my stress had gone away. There were so many outside voices telling me how to handle things, but she made sure I knew what was going on and made me feel confident.

If I recommended Fields, I would say they are honest, loyal, and dependable. I could always fall back on them when I needed them. When searching for an attorney, I just Googled it and the first one that came up was the one I chose, I would say I got very lucky. I would rate my experience with Fields a 9/10. I only give it a 9 because I don’t know what other outcomes could have come out, but I truly believe I was advised correctly and she was extremely patient when I was upset. She handled my case perfectly.”

— Shon P., St. Paul, MN

“I had no idea what to do after the injury. The insurance company denied everything and I didn’t know what to do. My attorney explained everything that was going on, especially the possibilities at trial in way that I could understand and feel comfortable with. When working with Fields, you get a lot of good communication. It was extremely easy to get ahold my attorney and paralegal to answer my questions. I was referred to Fields from another client she had in Albert Lea. She said that Fields really helped her out and that I should take my case there as well. My experience with Fields was great, I didn’t have any problems with anything through the case.”

— Irma S., Albert Lea, MN

“Fields Law Firm took a lot of stress off my wife and I. With the help of Fields Law Firm, we got ten times more than we were originally offered. I would highly recommend Fields Law Firm.”

— Vince N., Farmington, Minnesota

“Fields Law Firm was excellent in handling my claim. We didn’t have control of a lot of things that happened in the case, but I relied on the team at Fields. I would let anyone on the fence know that the Fields Law team works very hard and they are always trying. A friend recommended Fields Law from his own personal case and I was happy he did, it was great that my attorney didn’t leave me in the dark at all.”

— Daniel T., Redwood Falls, MN

“Prior to calling Fields Law I was not only in the dark with no clue what to do, I was facing an already denied work comp claim and no income. With kids to feed and only my wife’s income; I was scared. Zack Schmoll called me and walked me thru what to expect and what he could do for me. Not only did he deliver; he did so very fast. I went from scared to confident. I was in good hands. Not only would I recommend them to anyone in a position like I was in, I would insist that they are the best for the job. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you again Zack.”

— Shane D., Little Falls, MN

“I first contacted Fields Law Firm after dealing with a work comp insurer that never returned my calls. I had a back surgery and started to notice some of the same pain so my doctor had me take a MRI and it showed the same disc re herniated and my doctor recommended surgery. I go see work comps doctor and he says no surgery is needed and I can still work even though he knows I’m in pain.

As soon as Fields Law filed the claim 2 days later, work comp calls and says they will pay for the surgery. My case wasn’t the big money case but they treated me like it was. They answered all my questions. They are really, really nice people and they care about you and want to help you. If I know anybody that has a work comp problem I will tell them about Fields Law Firm. Thanks for all your hard work.”

— Jon C., Inver Grove Heights, MN

“I can’t say enough kind things about Fields Law Firm. I have never had to hire a lawyer before. I got hurt while on the job and had such a tough time getting my medical paid for, including my surgery.

I did not know what to expect when I called the firm. I really was desperate for help. They were so helpful and they took me through the steps and explained everything so I could understand. They fought for me and not only got my surgery paid for but also a settlement to make up for the hardship and loss of wage. I would highly recommend Fields Law Firm to anyone having a hard time with workman’s comp issues. The QRC they assigned was very good and I felt good to have people in my corner.

Thank you so much for all their help!”

— Dottie A., Ramsey Minnesota

“If the doctor tells you, ‘we can’t help you anymore – you’re now on your own,’ you got to go get Fields. Thanks to Fields Law Firm I got the compensation that I needed.”

— Andrew W., New Brighton, Minnesota

“I was injured at work. Even after I followed every rule for reporting the injury my employer and workman’s comp denied all of my claims. The injury I sustained required surgery and a three day hospital stay.

Hiring an attorney was a “no brainer” for me. There is absolutely no way I would have been able to understand all of the ins and outs of the legal system. Hiring Fields Law was an easy choice to make.

When I first contacted Fields Law I didn’t get any “runaround”. I was connected with a paralegal who took in all of my information from A to Z. I never felt rushed nor did feel that I was “just another case number”. My paralegal told me who my attorney was going to be and Evan Sanford contacted me within 24 hours. I never felt out of the loop and if I called to see how things were going I would get the update before the end of business that day

I selected Fields based on the information provided on the web site and their close location to where I live. I’m also a return client for fields because of how they handled a previous case three or four years ago.”

— Jim F., Moorehead, MN

“I felt respected and I felt like they wanted to help me when I walked in the door. All the guesswork was taken out by Fields, it was so simple. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

— Vivian M., St. Paul, Minnesota

“When I first got in touch with Fields Law Firm I was being denied my work compensation claim. I talked with Amanda Goiffon. She explained to me what my rights were and that I did have a case. Amanda was very professional in handling the case from the start.

Next I was put in touch with Attorney Mark Klotzbuecher. Mark took me through the whole process of the case. This reassured me that hiring an Attorney was in my best interest for favorable outcome.

I would recommend Fields Law Firm to anyone that need professional help with a Work Compensation case. This was not a large amount of money but I was treated with respect and professional kindness from the start to the end.

I would like to say Thank-You very much WE WON!!!!”

— David S., Thief River Falls, MN

“Work Comp was not approving my surgery that I needed to have. The first lawyer I hired to deal with my workers comp I had a bad feeling about, he wanted me to settle right away. I then switched lawyers and went with Fields Law Firm. I found Fields Law Firm on the internet, decided to go with Fields because of all the great reviews and ratings I saw. I received a favorable outcome from my case because I knew I can trust you guys. Once you guys took over my case and started handling everything, it felt right and that you guys were good at what you do. Answered all of my questions and got the job done. My overall experience with Fields Law Firm was really great. I am happy with my experience with Fields Law Firm and the resolution I had. I could tell that Zach really cared and it was nice to know that. He knew how frustrating the whole process was for me. I would welcome Zach over for a beer anytime.”
— Samuel W., Sartell, MN

My Testimonial to Fields Law Office:

When I was injured on the job and needed to have surgery to repair my body, I had to go on worker’s compensation. I never experienced this type of battle in my life. I went online to search for worker’s compensation near me on lawyer.com and I found the several lawyers on the website. I looked at several bio of law firms. I was very impressed with the Steve Field’s Bio. I called Fields Law Office to ask for advice at first. The attorney that I spoke with for couple month guided until it was the right time to hire the firm.

Throughout the course of my case, I have been shown in a timely manner of respect, advice, returned phone calls, emails, and guided diligently throughout my case. Being that said, I have privilege seeing my first attorney show growth to move to a judicial position. Once this attorney left, Fields Law Firm had a smooth transition with another attorney. We had a meet and greet and I felt that to me that was very important.

During at end of my case, my attorney asked was it okay for other lawyer’s to be in the mediation to get experience. I thought what a way to gain experience for future client cases. My journey was long and hard, but in the end the results was very positive. I was very impressed with my team effort of Attorney Zack and Paralegal Alvina, in which work very hard to help me accomplished my goals.

— Randolph E., Stillwater MN

“After injuring my back at work… I immediately lost my income and my financial security. Knowing I had rights, but with little money and zero legal experience, I was desperate to find a lawyer to represent me. When I learned of Fields Law through a friend, I wasted no time in starting my case. As soon as I called Field’s, they listened to me and heard the facts of my case. From thereafter, things were easy on my end, as Field’s handled every aspect in getting me the compensation in which I was entitled. My only job was to continue getting better and getting my life back. At Field’s, they made it a priority to stay in touch with me with continuous updates on the process and progress of my case. I never felt ignored or unimportant; as if I were the only one represented by this powerhouse of a firm. Inclusive to the facts of this case being in my favor, along with the professional and high caliber representation by Field’s Law, it is of no surprise that we won the case and claimed justice on my behalf. They have my thanks and recommendation to prospective clients.”

— Dan S., Vadnais Heights, MN

“I recently was in need of Legal Representation regarding a Worker’s Compensation case. The Company I had been employed by was denying the claim, “tooth and nail.” Without Fields Law, I would never have reached a settlement, nor one so favorable to me. Any Law Firm can represent a client but they represented me and my claim with professionalism, dedication and kindness. Both of them were truly interested in me and my case. I would, without hesitation recommend Fields Law Firm!”

— Christian B., Anoka, MN

“I called Fields Law firm regarding my work comp case and having issues with the employer. I felt Fields Law Firm took the time to listen and hashed out previous medical problems and was able to work around them for my case. I would most definitely recommend Fields law firm to others because they have the experience and passion to get the job done.”

— Jamie H., Hastings, MN

“I came to Fields Law Firm after receiving a letter from work comp denying all my claims after a shoulder injury at work. The insurance company believed I had no case because of prior resolved injuries to the shoulder. After my injury i was unable to work for the construction business and had little experience in a anywhere I could work with my limitations. Zach Schmoll and his assistant Alvina helped me through the process of appealing the decision, they were there for every question and now after several months of hard work they managed to get me a settlement far higher then I imagined. I am so grateful for their hard work and believing in my case when without them I would have had nothing. A Google search brought me to Fields and I am thankful for that, I would recommend Zach Schmoll and the team of at Fields to anyone going through this life changing process. Thanks Fields, for everything!”

— Nichole S., Foley, MN

Let me take this opportunity to thank you in writing for your outstanding counsel. You have achieved great results for which I am truly grateful. You calmed my nerves throughout a difficult time and instilled confidence for me to do my best. I will recommend your services to any family or close friends who find themselves in a difficult situation and need help. Also, I would like to thank Kim for her efforts throughout this claim. She offered helpful insight to my situation based upon her experience with similar claims.

All in all, my experience with Fields Law has been outstanding!

James B., Edina, MN

“I contacted Field’s Law Firm a month after I injured my thumbs through repetitious work at my job. I was terminated from my job about a month after I contacted Field’s Law firm because I could no longer perform the duties that I was required for my job. I had surgery on both of my thumbs to take remove the bone spurs that were growing in the bottom of my thumbs.

Workman’s Comp sent me to their doctor and they decided that this injury was not caused by my job even though that my regular doctor determined that the injury caused to my thumbs was in direct relationship to my work as a housekeeper. The attorneys and paralegals are always there to answer your questions you may have.

They helped me during this time of stress. Workman’s Comp decided to not pay for one of my surgeries but through the help of the people at Field’s law they helped to give me the settlement that I was happy with. I would recommend them to anyone if they need help in a Workman’s Comp claim, and I myself would contact them again for any future needs that I may have.”

— Mark F., Crystal, MN

I want to thank Fields Law Firm for all of your help and support when I injured my hand at work. You understood and were respectful of all my concerns. You answered the many questions I had and returned all my phone calls promptly. You walked me through the process step by step. I was pleased with the settlement you negotiated with the insurance company for my injury. I wouldn’t hesitate to refer anyone to this great firm! Thank you for all your hard work on my behalf.

With deepest appreciation,
Bill B., Bloomington, MN

“I injured my knee at work when I started having issues with workman’s comp. They had cut me off, and I knew I needed help. I contacted my union and they suggested that I find a lawyer, which is when I reached out to Fields Law Firm. They were able to help me get back on workman’s comp and get the care I needed. Working with Fields Law Firm was a positive experience and made it possible to get healthy and back to work. I would suggest that anyone who is having same or similar issues to contact their office and seek help as they are kind and hardworking people who truly care about your needs. ”

— Kristen G., St. Paul, MN

“I was injured at work in November 2016. The company I was working for was willing to pay for the medical expenses but kept putting me off for lost wages. They kept implying that I did not qualify for any loss wages because the temp assignment was to end the day after I got hurt.

I did some research in to hiring an attorney because I thought this was the only way that I could get any assistance since the company and their insurance provider would not deal with me. The attorney and his paralegal stepped in and then things started to happen. The insurance provider acted like I did something wrong in hiring an attorney. They stated that we could work it out without one. But they did nothing. The attorney could talk the language that I was getting lost in.

Working with the people at Fields Law Firm has been a blessing for me. They are willing to keep the lines of communication open. If I had a question, they would always find the time to explain it to me in terms that I can understand.

The reasons I decided on Fields Law Firm was locality and the website. I am glad that I am not dealing with a company that is out of the area. This makes meeting with them easy and quick. The website explains what they will and will not do within the law.

Fields Law Firm has made this experience almost enjoyable. This does not mean that it was quick but you know that it was done correctly within the law and the standards set by the firm.”

— Leroy M., Columbia Heights, MN

To Fields law,

I just wanted to express my gratitude in how my case was handled at any time. If I had any question about my case or I did not understand something I would receive by mail, I could always call and my questions would always be answered in a timely matter! This law firm took the time to get to know their clients on a first name basis and you felt welcomed. The reason I chose this law firm is because I felt I would need to be represented for this particular case. I would highly recommend Fields Law firm to any of my friends or family or if someone would ask; they would be on top of my list for a lawyer. I just want to give Alvina and Zach a special shout out; Thank you so much for everything and I am going to miss talking to Zach about fishing.
Connie S., Faribault, MN

“The issues I was experiencing was the Insurer was contacting me requesting information regarding my injury. They continued to harass me. The Insurer was in contact with the Company doctor and company from the beginning. The Insurer denied my claim immediately.

Hiring an Attorney helped me relax and focus on my recovering to return to work. It also gave me a chance to have a powerful voice and legal expertise to make sure I received compensation for my injury and loss wages.

I highly recommend this firm. They are a fighting team. They will assure that their clients receive the up most representation, and legal advice. Fields Law Firm cares about your future and will fight hard for you.

Searching for an Attorney, reading the profiles of the Attorneys at fields caught my attention. I have used Fields Law Firm in the past. I believe they done a remarkable job for me then.
Fields Law Firm are very caring people who have been there for me. And when needing an attorney for a second time, I called Fields, and Fields delivered for me. The staff is very friendly, caring and makes sure that you understand your rights. Fields done everything that was needed to assure that I was taken care of.

Out of a 5 star rating. I give Fields Law Firm 5 stars and the best Law Firm I have ever worked with.”

— Timothy C., St. Cloud, MN

“Working with Fields Law Firm has made all the difference in my short and long term disability claims. Although I prided myself on being intelligent enough to handle my own case and I was certain that my disability was clear, I couldn’t go up against a big corporation and a large insurance company.

The attorney at Fields Law took over when I was at my wits end. She made them take my case seriously and both claims were approved for the full amount immediately after her appeal. I’m so happy that my nightmare is over and I’m receiving the benefits I’m entitled to.”

— Cherryl G., Eagan, Minnesota

“I am so grateful for the successful appeal you were able to submit to the Long Term Disability Insurance Company. You did so with limited assistance from me and on a very short timeline. Because of you my life will be much more comfortable financially in the future.

What the insurance company did to me was so wrong and it devastated me both financially and emotionally. I cannot thank you enough for what you did to get my benefits restored from the day they wrongly stopped paying them. I would recommend you, your legal assistants and the Fields Law Firm with no hesitation.

I am so thankful I asked you and your firm to take over and help me. You changed my life forever and I will be forever grateful.”

— Carmen S., Le Centre, Minnesota

“I was very satisfied with the results I got from Fields and all the help that I was given along the way. I knew that if I needed to talk to someone at the law firm, they always returned my call. I highly recommend Fields.”

— Jolene R., Farmington, Minnesota

“Thank you so much. It’s heart warming to know there are people like you and your staff out there that truly care about others and try to help if you can.

Again, thanks & God bless.”

— Deb S., McGregor, Minnesota

“Thank you so much for all your help. You far exceeded my expectations in this matter.”

— Lisa J., East Bethel, Minnesota

“I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for all your hard work that you have put into my case. Your compassion for the law and your clients is why you are a successful attorney. And your genuine concern for me, the injured worker, makes this struggle with work comp a little easier to understand and to get through this legal nightmare!

I now know that I did make the right decision in hiring Fields Law Firm, because I found you!

Also, please thank Kim Barnes and the staff for all their hard work and patience with me. I so enjoy my conversations with them and they always make the time to take my calls and answer my questions and give me encouragement when I need it!

I know we have a tough road ahead, but I also know I have the best attorney on the case!”

— Jason W., Farmington, Minnesota

“After I mentioned to you about all the improvements we have made to our home, you commented to me that you are doing everything you can, I again wanted to let you know I am very satisfied with all your efforts. I believe in you and the job you are doing! In other words: I trust you. And gaining my trust is something I do not allow easily!”

— Dave B., Tower, Minnesota