Blindness, Vision, and Hearing Loss

Your vision and hearing are invaluable—especially for your career and livelihood. So when an on-the-job accident causes you to lose partial or complete sight or hearing, it may be difficult or even impossible to continue with your line of work. That means losing the paychecks your family needs to survive.

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Client Success Story: Client who worked part-time awarded full SSD benefits

A client suffered from a history of arthritis in the knees, vision impairments, back pain, and ulcerative colitis. Despite his many physical disabilities, he was still able to work 15 hours per week doing deliveries. He applied for Social Security Disability on his own but was denied on his initial application and reconsideration appeal.

He sought our assistance for his request for a hearing. At the time of his hearing, he was still working part-time. We argued to the Judge that he had no other option but to work despite his disabilities and that he essentially pushed himself through the pain until a decision on his case had been reached. We further argued that due to his pain and ulcerative colitis, he would need to take many breaks throughout the workday in order to use the bathroom and rest.

The Judge issued a favorable decision in his case and sided with our arguments. Now the client no longer has to work part time and can receive the disability benefits he deserves.

What jobs cause vision or hearing loss?

Jobs that put employees at high risk of suffering vision or hearing loss include:

  • Welders
    Welders must wear equipment to protect their faces and eyes from the sparks created during the welding process. If the protection is inadequate, they can suffer vision loss.
  • Factory Workers
    Many factories produce noises that are louder than tolerable ranges for human hearing. If workers don’t receive proper hearing protection, their ears may become damaged.
  • Chemical Workers
    Workers who handle dangerous chemicals may suffer vision loss if the chemicals come into contact with their eyes. In addition, some workers may experience sensory loss due to neurological damage caused by chemical exposure.

The Minnesota workers’ compensation lawyers at Fields Law have a broad knowledge of the law, including what benefits are available for workers who suffered hearing and vision problems because of on-the-job accidents. If you have any questions or concerns about a work injury or disability, don’t hesitate to contact our Workers Compensation attorneys in MN.