Crane and Forklift Accident Attorneys

Construction companies depend on crane and forklift operators to do heavy lifting on job sites of all sizes. Because of the size and power of these machines, crane and forklift accidents often result in severe injuries or even death. If you or someone you love was injured on the job site, the crane and forklift accident attorneys at Fields Law Firm are here to help.

When you have questions about your rights after a crane or forklift accident, Fields Law has answers. We’re Minnesota’s resource for injured workers, and we’re available around the clock.

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Types of Crane and Forklift Accidents

Our construction accident lawyers have the knowledge and resources to handle claims related to crane and forklift injuries caused by:

No matter how your accident happened, our Minnesota construction accident lawyers can explain how to get the benefits and medical care you need.

Lawyers Focused on Helping Injured Workers

If you’re injured and don’t know where to turn after your crane or forklift accident, we’re here to help. We’re one of the largest and most respected work injury law firms in Minnesota, and we know what it takes to get the compensation you need to get back to work. Contact us anytime – there’s no obligation, and the call is free.