Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Laws

The Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Laws are described as an Act set forth by the State Legislature (an Act is a set of laws). These laws provide benefits for people who become injured while working. The Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry oversees this very complex system.

Usually, the only recovery for an employee injured at work is the recovery of Workers’ Compensation benefits.

The Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Laws represent a trade-off of sorts for the employee: the employee is guaranteed compensation for any employment-related injury regardless of fault; but the nature and extent of benefits is limited to that provided by the Act.

As the Minnesota Supreme Court has explained, the employee gives up the right to tort damages against a negligent employer in exchange for a “lesser” recovery in cases where the employer is not at fault.

The Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Law is also a trade-off for employers: it makes the employer liable in almost every case of workplace injury, but this liability is limited, even in cases where the employer is at fault.

In order to qualify for Workers’ Compensation Minnesota benefits, three things must exist:

  1. The employee must sustain a personal injury or occupational disease;
  2. The personal injury or occupational disease must arise out of the employment; and
  3. The personal injury or occupational disease must occur in the course of the employment.

In Minnesota, Workers’ Compensation coverage is compulsory, meaning most employers must purchase coverage or become self-insured to protect employees who get hurt at work. But it can be difficult to know what steps to take to get all of the benefits you’re owed, and insurance companies can deny Workers’ Compensation claims for benefits for a variety of reasons – even if you’re owed benefits.

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Benefits of the Workers’ Compensation Laws in Minnesota

Workers’ Compensation laws protect the rights of injured workers, regardless of who was at fault for the accident. Our Minnesota Workers’ Compensation attorneys are here to ensure your rights remain protected by Minnesota state laws, including:

  • Choice of Physician
    You can choose your own doctor for your medical treatment. However, if your employer has a managed care plan, they may choose your medical provider if you don’t have an existing relationship with the physician you choose.
  • Wage Loss Benefits
    Depending on the extent of your injuries and your ability to return to work, you may be eligible for one or more types of disability benefits to offset lost wages caused by your injuries.
  • Full Medical Benefits
    Medical treatment is available for injured workers. Injured workers are entitled to choose their own treating doctor and any emergency treatment facility. Non-emergency surgeries must be preapproved by the Workers’ Compensation insurer. If you’re injured on the job, you may be entitled to full medical benefits, without time or monetary limits.
  • Rehabilitation Benefits
    Rehabilitation benefits are available for some employees who sustain an injury at work. These are vocational rehabilitation benefits; physical rehabilitation benefits are available too, but are covered under the medical benefits. The goal of rehabilitation is to return an injured worker to suitable employment after the injury.
  • Workers’ Compensation Retaliation
    Employees are protected from any form of Employer Retaliation after they file for Workers’ Compensation benefits. Forms of retaliation include demotion, discipline, termination, lay-offs, reduced hours or pay, workplace intimidation, or denial of benefits. The bottom line is that you can’t be fired or harassed for filing a Workers’ Compensation claim.
  • Death Benefits
    When work accidents result in death, surviving spouses and children are entitled to receive death benefits based on their loved one’s wages.

Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Law Updates

Workers’ Compensation laws change in Minnesota often. If you were injured at work, the changes in these laws may affect your Workers’ Compensation benefits, even if you have already filed your case. Our Workers’ Compensation lawyers can help you understand the new laws, and how they apply to your situation.

Speak with a member of our Minnesota Workers’ Compensation attorney team to learn more about your legal rights to Workers’ Compensation. We know it can be hard to find accurate and easy-to-understand information after a work injury, and we’re here to help you – no matter where you are in the process.