Social Security Disability Offices

If you or a loved one needs help working with your local disability office or applying for disability benefits, a Social Security Disability attorney at Fields Law Firm can help. Hiring an attorney eliminates most of the situations where you will need to go to the local SSA Office.

We can complete your disability application for you and submit the forms electronically. Also, once an appeal has been processed online, there should be no need to go to the SSA office. However, there are certain situations where visiting your local SSA office cannot be avoided.

When do I need to go to my local SSA office?

If you choose to file your disability application or appeal yourself, your local Social Security office will have disability forms for your initial application or appeal. Sometimes, after filing a claim for disability, you may need to go in to the Social Security office.

Social Security may require information or copies of documents, such as:

  • Citizenship Status
  • Green Card Copy
  • Corrected Information on your Social Security Number (SSN), such as date of birth
  • Name Changes
  • SSI Applications

Social Security Office Locations

The SSA office that is considered your “local office” is based on where you currently live. Please note, this may not be the SSA office closest to you. To find your local office, call toll-free at 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778) or use the SSA office locator and enter your zip code to see the address and hours of operation. It is better to schedule an appointment prior to visiting the SSA office, as wait times can be quite long.

If you have questions regarding disability benefits or understanding what documents you will need when visiting your local SSA office, contact Fields Law. Our experienced disability attorneys and legal staff provide assistance to people applying for disability benefits, as well as appealing denials of these benefits.