Cases We’ve Won For Our Workers’ Compensation Clients

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Fields Law Firm has a proven track record of winning. When you are hurt at work, the attorneys you hire can make all the difference in whether you will win your case and get the benefits you deserve.
Every day, our lawyers help people across Minnesota recover benefits, and with our All-in-One Injury Solution we have the legal team to handle additional claims that can help maximize your recovery, while at the same time looking out for your long-term interests.

Here are just a few of our Workers’ Compensation winning results.

$120,000 – James – Owatonna, Minnesota

A lineman for a cable company suffered injuries to his wrist and hand when a concrete lid fell on him while his arm was extended underneath the lid working on cables. The insurance company originally paid for his wage loss and medical treatment. When it came time for the client to have surgery, the insurance company not only refused to pay for the surgery, but they discontinued the client’s wage loss benefits without providing any notice. We filed a claim petition to recover not only the wage loss and medical benefits that the insurance company should have paid, but also for penalties against the insurance company for failure to provide proper notice.

The insurance company offered $50,000 to settle before going to trial, and that offer was rejected. The Judge awarded the client every benefit requested at trial, including the maximum penalties allowed by statute. The insurance company appealed the Judge’s award. After both sides had submitted appellate briefs to the Court of Appeals, the insurance company finally settled for $100,000.

The insurance company then failed to send the settlement check in a timely manner as required by statute, and they ended up paying an additional $20,000 for penalties on the late payment of the settlement.

$125,000 – Roy – Burnsville, Minnesota

Our client was a metal worker for an engineering company, where he primarily moved metal parts around and ground metal parts as an order required. One day while moving various parts around, he heard and felt a click in his back. Within a month, he was unable to perform his essential job duties, and he was no longer able to work. The insurance company denied his claim outright.

We filed a claim petition on his behalf. The insurance company sent our client to their independent medical examination, and that doctor stated that any injury was due entirely to either our client’s overweight status or degenerative conditions. The case was scheduled for trial, but the insurance company agreed to mediate the matter before going to trial. The case settled at mediation for $125,000.

$110,000 – Chris – Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

A mechanic at a local thermal processing company injured his neck while moving a large motor during installation. He suffered a multi-level disc herniation. The insurance company originally accepted his workers’ compensation claim, and we monitored the claim throughout the process. After paying for multiple surgeries, the insurance company attempted to discontinue the workers’ wage loss benefits. We fought that discontinuance and won. We filed a petition for penalties based on previous late payments to the worker, and we ultimately secured a settlement of $110,000.