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No two work injuries are the same. That’s why you need an experienced Workers Compensation Lawyer with the resources to handle all types of workers compensation claims. You can count on Fields Law Firm to take care of your needs now and look out for your future, too.

The Minnesota workers compensation lawyers at Fields Law Firm know it can be difficult to find accurate information after getting hurt at work, and we can give you the information you need to help you get the benefits you need. We’re here to talk to you about your claim. Calls are answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Contact us today – just dial 1-888-343-5375 or complete a free contact request form.

Primary Benefits of Workers Compensation

There are three primary types of workers compensation benefits: wage-loss benefits, medical benefits and vocational rehabilitation. Wage-loss benefits are intended to compensate you for lost income due to a work-related injury – usually paid at a percentage of your total wage, tax-free – while medical benefits are simply payment of medical bills and expenses related to your work injury. If needed, Vocational Rehabilitation benefits include job retraining, job-search services, career counseling and tuition.

An injured workers primary concerns are usually, first, how do I replace my lost income, and, second, how do I pay my medical bills? In a perfect world, it would be nice if, when you get hurt on the job and miss work, the employer’s insurance carrier automatically replaced your lost wages and covered all of your medical bills. But, more often than not, this is not the case. Workers compensation insurance companies make money by denying benefits, and so they deny employees’ entitled benefits, a lot.

Get a Workers Comp Lawyer on Your Side

When an employee is injured at work there are a number of things that a Workers Comp lawyer will need to do to navigate through the complex maze of Minnesota workers compensation laws and regulations including: special workers compensation statutes, rules and court decisions; Department of Labor rules; and various government programs.

This is in addition to dealing with the insurance company and its team of people who aren’t looking after your best interest, but rather are looking at ways to avoid paying your workers compensation benefits.

All too often, people attempt to go up against the workers compensation insurance company on their own, failing to realize that the insurance company has an army of people working behind the scenes looking for ways to deny legitimate claims.

Get the Best Work Comp Lawyer in MN

If you’ve suffered a serious work-related injury, it’s a good idea to hire the best Minnesota Work Comp lawyer available to handle your Workers Compensation claim. Workers Compensation law is specialized. You will want to select a lawyer with expertise in the field, and not someone who just “dabbles” in work comp.

The best measures of a Workers Compensation lawyer are experience, expertise, trustworthiness, and transparency. You want an attorney that will treat you with respect and keep you informed about your claim at every step of the way. The best work comp lawyers will employ a strong support team so you always have a point of contact for any questions or concerns.

The Workers Comp lawyers at Fields Law strive every day to be the best. We have deep knowledge of Workers Compensation law because we advocate for injured workers every day. We build trust with our clients by keeping them informed at every step. Our experienced support staff ensures your claim will move along smoothly, and that you will always have a point of contact at our firm. We are proud to be a strong advocate for injured workers, and we will be there when you need us most.

Workers Compensation Client Testimonial
“I cannot thank you enough for all the hard work you put into my case, but I do appreciate it and always will! I will always refer Fields Law Firm to everyone who needs legal help with these types of issues.

Workers Comp Attorneys have a tough job dealing with legal issues, clients’ rights, clients and their pain and their emotions as well, but you have risen above ‘good’ to ‘excellent’ in my eyes and always will be one of Minneapolis’ Best Work Comp Attorneys. Again, thank you.”
— Cindy M., Faribault, Minnesota

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Whether you’ve been hurt in a car accident while working or injured in a construction accident, Fields Law is the Minnesota law firm with the workers compensation lawyers that can help you. The call is free. The advice is free. And there’s no obligation to become a client. Our Workers Compensation law firm is Minnesota’s resource for injured workers, and we’re here to help you. Contact us today at 1-888-343-5375.

Your Workers Compensation Resource Center

No matter where you are in the claims process, we’re here to assist you. Our Minnesota workers compensation lawyers can help you:

Why should I hire a Workers Compensation Lawyer?

If you are injured at work, you should hire a lawyer to help you investigate what potential claims you may have that could provide you compensation for your injuries, wage loss, medical benefits, permanent injuries, and pain and suffering.

In general, there are three different types of claims that may be involved in a workplace accident:

  1. Workers Compensation
  2. Personal Injury Negligence Claims
  3. Product Liability

It is important to investigate the different types of claims that may be involved in a construction accident. First, the law is different. In general, if you are injured while working, Minnesota Workers Compensation law provides benefits including payment of medical expenses and lost time from work. But Minnesota law also allows you to file a liability claim for work related injuries if someone other than your employer is responsible for causing your injuries.

Liability claims differ significantly from Workers Compensation claims in several ways:

  1. Workers Compensation benefits are usually available without regard to fault of anyone involved in the accident.
  2. Workers Compensation benefits are primary, and may be paid immediately.
  3. Workers Compensation benefits are limited to covering medical expenses, wage loss, and permanent injuries or disabilities.

Personal injury and product liability claims may be filed against a person or entity that caused your injuries. In short, someone must be at fault for you to file one of these claims. In these cases, you can receive compensation for medical expenses, wage loss, permanent injuries or disabilities, pain and suffering, loss of future earning capacity, and loss of consortium (generally, the loss of services, comfort and companionship of your spouse).

Second, the rules are different. Liability claims are litigated in state or federal district courts, and work comp claims are litigated in administrative courts. Each court has different rules of procedure, is required to follow different law, and has differing timeframes for the resolution of cases. The forum in which your case is litigated can affect the types of compensation you receive and the length of time it takes to resolve your case. The law that the court has to apply is also affected by the forum in which your claims are presented.

When Should I call a Work Injury Lawyer?

Always seek medical attention first, but you should call a lawyer as soon as you can following a work injury or workplace accident. It is important that your work comp lawyer start investigating the potential claims involved as quickly as possible. For example, if defective equipment caused your injuries, the evidence, including the defective equipment, must be preserved so that it can be investigated.

If there were witnesses who saw what happened, their statements may become necessary to prove that you were injured in the accident, or who or what may have caused your injuries. The number one reason why you should call an attorney is so that you can concentrate on recovering from your injuries while your attorney investigates the accident.

If you were injured on the job or you have any questions, contact us at 1-888-343-5375 or online with our free online form. We offer a free case evaluation over the phone and can determine what potential claims you may have to compensate you for your injuries.