What is Workers Compensation and How Does it Work?

At Fields Law Firm, injured workers throughout Minnesota contact our Workers Compensation Attorneys every day with questions about their work injuries and how Workers Compensation claims work. We’ve put together a list of the most commonly asked questions and topics that we get asked. Of course, you always call us at 1-888-343-5375 for answers to your questions! We would be happy to answer your questions, without any obligation to hire us.

What is Workers Compensation?

The following articles explain how Minnesota Workers Compensation works, what your rights are, and whether you qualify to file a claim for benefits.

How do I file a claim?

Many injured workers have never filed a Workers Compensation claim before. These articles help answer questions about the initial claim filing process.

What about my job?

Some injured workers are concerned about losing their job, or want to understand what to do if they are being harassed or feeling pressured to quit.

Do I need an attorney?

Deciding if you need a Workers Compensation Lawyer in Minnesota for your case is an important decision. These resources can you help you understand if, and when, you will need an attorney on your side.

What benefits are available?

Once a Workers Compensation claim has been filed, many people are uncertain what benefits Workers Compensation will provide to them. These articles will guide you through the various steps of ensuring you are receiving all of the benefits you deserve and the types of Workers Comp benefits you are entitled to.

Types of Workers Comp Benefits

Lost Wages

Medical Treatment

Job Retraining

How can I protect my future?

At Fields Law, we feel it is important to protect the interests of our clients, both now and in the future. We work to make sure denied claims are appealed properly, and that settlement offers include enough money to cover any future medical needs. These articles will help prepare you for the negotiation of benefits and any settlements you might receive.

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